Multi spectral dynamic imaging with added value

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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In choosing the most effective thermal imaging camera for their applications, professional thermographers cite the quality of image as the most important attribute. The clearer the image, the greater the detail and this makes it easier and quicker to diagnose a fault and grade its severity.

It is with this need in mind that FLIR Systems developed its Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology. This feature produces a detail and texture rich image that allows more anomalies to be detected and in-depth thermal analysis performed. Indeed the MSX images are so clear there is no longer any need for a separate digital photo to support the thermal evidence.

Unlike traditional thermal fusion that inserts a thermal image into a visible light picture, FLIR Systems’ patent pending technology embeds the digital camera image onto thermal video and stills. The result is unrivalled image quality and this unique ability is now standard on many of the FLIR Systems professional thermal imaging cameras.

MSX is one of the main reasons why the FLIR T400 Series and T600 Series models are proving so popular for electro-mechanical predictive maintenance. And anyone ordering one of these cameras before 30th September 2013 will also receive additional rewards. For this limited period these models are part of the new FLIR Performance Pack that, in addition to the camera hardware and standard software, includes a free pouch, tool belt and spare battery.

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