New compact electric actuator brings big benefits to SMC customers

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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SMC, the world’s leading provider of pneumatics, has unveiled a low profile, guide slider electric actuator which offers a multitude of benefits.
The LEM Series will last up to three times than the previous E-MY2 model thanks to a newly designed belt and bearings, which reduces maintenance and production costs and improves productivity. Using an offset construction, mounting the belt is easier and the connection between the separable drive unit and guide has also been improved.
With a compact design, the LEM Series has a low profile and low centre of gravity due to a reduced table height, making it ideal for narrow spaces. This efficient design avoids interferences with the motor even when using large workpieces. The mounting dimensions are also interchangeable with the E-MY2 Series.
The LEM Series is available in two different sizes with four guide types and the motor has four mounting options. Further productivity is increased thanks to reduced cycle times, with achievable speeds of 2000mm/s and acceleration/deceleration up to 20,000mm/s² with the step motor.
Similar to the LE electric actuator series the new LEM is also compatible with SMC’s range of controllers including the step data input type, LECP6 and the programme free, LECP1. There is also the option of using the fieldbus protocols with a Gateway unit and the new LECP2, a programme free controller comprising stroke study function.
With all these features, the LEM Series is ideal for all general industrial machinery in transfer and assembly related industries requiring precise positioning of workpieces, pick and place, load and unload transfer of workpieces to name just a few.
Recognised as a global technology leader and recently voted for the third consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries.

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