NEW: Flatpack S Wallbox DC power supply system

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Last modified: 9 May 2023

Compact, wall-mounted and powerful
The Flatpack S Wallbox is a DC power system that makes it easy to feed a great variety of applications on ships or other offshore sites where power is in high demand, but space is limited. Based on the High-Efficiency product range of Eltek rectifiers, the new Wall box yields maximum output power with a very low heat dissipation. The Flatpack S Wallbox is truly ‘always on’, due to the full redundancy built in the system.

Theunissen Technical Trading (TTT) is proud to present this new product as part of the already impressive product line from Eltek. The Eltek power solutions have a very strong reputation worldwide, providing a stable, safe and efficient supply of power. The Eltek solutions help customers to optimize and safeguard the operation of business-critical equipment, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their total cost of ownership of power supply equipment. A dedicated group of more than 150 highly skilled R&D employees are continuously testing, analyzing and improving performance of existing products as well as design and develop completely new products and solutions. The Flatpack S Wallbox is the latest innovation from Eltek resulting from those efforts.

The Flatpack S Wallbox makes it easy to feed a great variety of applications on ships or other complex sites. Wherever power is in high demand, but space is limited, Flatpack S is the simple and powerful solution. Moreover, the system is fully redundant: in the unlikely event of rectifier failure, the second rectifier takes over, while the other can be replaced, during full operation.
. The marine version is certified according to DNV 2.4 as a standard.

The Flatpack S Wallbox has much to offer:
• High efficiency (low carbon footprint)
• DNV approved
• Very compact design in IP23 housing
• Full redundancy
• Built-in controller offers comprehensive monitoring (web interface)
• Hot pluggable interchanging of rectifiers
• AC or DC input from 85-300 VAC/DC
• Fast and easy to install and service

Optionally, the Flatpack S Wallbox can be supplied with SIL 3 rated rectifiers as well.

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