New Parker direct operated proportional control valve series

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Parker’s new D1FC/D3FC direct operated proportional control valve series offers a completely integrated position feedback system and digital onboard electronics.

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is expanding its range of direct operated proportional control valves with the innovative D1FC/D3FC series. Its highlights include digital control electronics and a position feedback system that is unique in this power class and completely integrated into the body. The compact valves allow highly precise and economical control in demanding applications, including in the steel industry, plant construction, and plastic injection molding machines and machine tools.

Parker’s new, highly dynamic, direct operated valve series with high volume flows is positioned between the established D1FB/D3FB series and the D1FP/D3FP high-performance valves. The most important innovation for the D1FC in nominal size NS06 and for the D3FC in nominal size NS10 is a position feedback system that is – unlike comparable valves – completely integrated into the body. Direct coupling of the sensor to the piston also facilitates precise control of the spool position.

The modern design has very compact dimensions, meaning the D1FC and D3FC are among the shortest position-controlled proportional directional valves. As the integrated position sensor eliminates the need for an exposed cable connecting to the position feedback system, the possibility of faults caused by inadvertently breaking the connection is excluded.

With the aid of digital onboard electronics the D1FC and D3FC valves can be flexibly adjusted to suit all kinds of applications. For comfortable adjustment, an updated version of Parker’s ProPxD parameterisation software is freely available for download, see link below.
The D1FC/D3FC series is available for order with EtherCAT interface right from the start of production.

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