Noria FML training at Solinas Benelux success

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Solinas Benelux provides a new training Fundamentals of Machinery Lubrication of Noria Corporation, including Dutch ICML exam. The next training will be given on 29, November 30 and December 1st. After passing the exam you will receive an ISO certificate from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) that Level I Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT1) is achieved. It gives a much needed Lubrication technician lockage of knowledge that is directly applicable in practice. A necessary training for good preventative / proactive maintenance. In America almost mandatory for anyone who has to deal with lubrication technology. Actually in the field, engineers, maintenance technicians and managers.

Kees Veltman, director of Solinas Benelux is pleased with the large average success rate of 86 percent. It gives a lot of positive energy because of the many positive comments from the participants who did the training, already.

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