Omrin and RealDolmen opt for sustainable maintenance

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Omrin collects, recycles and processes waste which is collected with trucks specially equipped for this task. These trucks – all 180 of them – require regular maintenance. For quite some time now Rimses, RealDolmen`s maintenance management system, has proved to be a suitable solution. And in over 10 years RealDolmen never ceased to convince. Recently, Rimses and the partnership with RealDolmen were re-evalued and the conclusion is that Rimses still remains the best answer to Omrin`s requirements. Early 2013 a new version of Rimses will be released. `We are eagerly looking forward to the new version` said Jan Beijert. `I believe that with the new version of Rimses we can continue to grow.` Auke Visser confirms: `Anything that can lighten our workload is of course useful. We already know that this is exactly what we can expect from Rimses.`

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Rimses is the Computerized Maintenance Management System of Realdolmen and is a flexible, straightforward and, above all, user-friendly system, developed on the basis of best practices validated by many customers.... Read more