Optimal filtration for a continuous process

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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The continuous screen changers by Maag Filtration Systems are based on a proven double-piston principle with a metal-on-metal seal.

Continuous development to improve the filtration systems has contributed towards better customer satisfaction, user expectation and quality requirements. Two recent interesting developments:

CSC-R with large filter area
The new CSC-R is a continuous screen changer for extrusion with a patented, curved screen plate with an enlarged filter area executed with a new screen type.

The benefits of this are:
•4x more filter area than conventional filters with circular cavities
•Higher throughput in spite of the highly compact design
•Lower melt temperatures
•Reduced flux rate (kg/h/cm2)

The new CSC-RS can be retrofitted into a standard CSC screen changer.
This enlarges your screen area by factor 2.5.

CSC/ BFX backflush
The patented CSC/BFX is ideal for direct recycling of plastics where very small process fluctuations will negatively affect the quality especially for film and foil applications.

The CSC/BFX makes the intermediate step of pelletizing redundant allowing for direct processing of shredded plastic material into A1 product (film, fibre, foil etc.)!

The optimized flow channel geometry results in the largest possible filter area in which contamination can be removed simply and effectively.
Features of the CSC/BFX-DV:
•Integrated melt accumulator
•Fully automated backflush
•Highly efficient backflush process
•Low pressure loss
•Short dwell time

Which type best fits your process is a subject we would like to discuss with you personally. Please feel free to contact us by phone or per e-mail for any supplementary information or for an appointment.

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