Parker Hannifin’s new IQAN-SV Ethernet camera

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Article image of: Parker Hannifin’s new IQAN-SV Ethernet camera
Article image of: Parker Hannifin’s new IQAN-SV Ethernet camera

By fully integrating into the IQAN-MD4 display system, the IQAN-SV saves time, cost and space when creating vision-based control systems on vehicles

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies has announced a new Ethernet (IP) camera to provide a vision capability to vehicles using the recently announced IQAN-MD4 family of master display modules. The IQAN-SV camera fully integrates with the IQAN-MD4 facilitating a complete control and vision system thus allowing powerful vision-based applications for mobile machinery and vehicles to be developed. Its small size and flexible mounting makes it ideal as a blind spot monitor or rear view camera.

The IQAN-SV is a new generation of digital, high resolution Ethernet (IP) camera incorporating an Ethernet video link. Set up is simple, requiring only three clicks – due to the inbuilt plug-and-play functionality. IP address allocation is not required as the IQAN software automatically manages all of the addressing for cameras. One camera can be connected directly to the MD4’s C4 connector; if more cameras are needed they can be connected using an external Ethernet switch.

When incorporating the IQAN-SV into a control system the IQAN software can facilitate advanced functionality including image mirror (rear view) and split screen views. Additionally, the camera view can be activated only when needed (for example when reversing) removing the need for an additional screen thus saving space and cost in vehicles where space is already at a premium.

Designed for outdoor use on mobile machinery the IQAN-SV can accept a wide range of supply voltages between 9-32VDC, and is housed in a small, robust, fully sealed IP67, IP6K9K rated anodized aluminium enclosure measuring just 25.7mm x 63.0mm x 41mm. The mounting bracket has a simple single screw fixing and allows the camera to be pointed in any direction to suit the desired field of view.

The high-resolution camera provides excellent video quality, colour and light sensitivity. The fast frame rate provides a high-quality video stream and, at less than 100mS, there is no noticeable latency. The fast start up time of sub two seconds means the camera is ready as soon as the vehicle moves. With a wide (120 degree) field of view the IQAN-SV is unlikely to need to be re-positioned during use. Using the same high resolution hardware, for specific needs, a narrow (60 degree) field of view can be selected in the software to show detailed process views. A high dynamic range ensures the capture of all the necessary detail allowing the user to see both the sunny and shaded areas of the video feed.

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