Parker-Prädifa FlexiCase® Sealing Solution

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has addressed sealing technology challenges for rotating applications in harsh conditions. Wear, chemical attack and frictional heating are common failure modes for traditional rotary lip seals. When temperatures, pressure or ambient conditions exceed the capabilities of typically used rotary seals, the FlexiCase® seal can bridge the gap between conventional lip seals and high-end mechanical seals at low cost.

FlexiCase® rotary seals are unique assemblies designed to seal the most demanding rotary applications where the operating conditions exceed the capabilities of seals made from rubber elastomers. They feature one or several lips on the inner diameter that seal dynamically on a shaft and a metal casing on the outer diameter to seal statically with a press-fit into a bore. An additional gasket is positioned between the layers of sealing lips and the casing to seal off the potential leak path and to compensate for differential expansion.

Suitable for Applications with Significantly Higher Surface Speeds
As FlexiCase® seals, with some exceptions, are not spring-energized the radial lip contact forces are lower than those of rotary FlexiSeals® (spring-activated PTFE seals), for example. This allows the seal to function at much higher surface speeds of up to 70 meters per second. FlexiCase® seals are manufactured from a wide variety of PTFE composites and other suitable plastic materials.

Designed for Harsh Environments in Diverse Markets
The combination of a robust metal casing with unique blends of PTFE sealing elements makes this seal suitable for use in conditions of extreme temperatures, surface speeds and chemical attack, such as those typically occurring in compressors, special pumps, hydraulic motors, etc. Applications range from the automotive industry, to aerospace, to oil and gas, to food and pharma, to semiconductors and electronics through to a wide variety of general industrial applications.

Customized Design
Every FlexiCase® seal is customized to meet the demands of the specific sealing challenge. Multiple lips, scraper lips, back-up elements and embedded metal springs are only some examples of possible combinations in the seal assembly.

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