Pruftechnik N.V. presents Rotalign touch

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Be ready to change the way you align.
Pruftechnik presents Rotalign® touch, the revolutionary new cloud-based laser shaft alignment system with touchscreen and integrated mobile connectivity. But what exactly is going to change? With Rotalign® touch, alignment is no longer a static snapshot. It becomes a dynamic parameter for machine condition monitoring. Rotalign® touch is the only alignment system that allows to measure and track the alignment condition over time to help identify machine issues early on. For example, a soft foot problem over time may indicate an underlying foundation issue.
With the range of connective features it comes with, the new system makes alignment become an integral part of your asset management programs.
Using the new Alignment reliability center 4.0 software, connect to the Cloud to send in real time alignment tasks to a Rotalign® touch mobile device anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device makes it possible to send the measurement report straight back via the Cloud from anywhere, without any PC connection. The asset-specific tasks, paired with the integrated RFID reader makes machine identification fully automatic and error-free. After corrections, the alignment status as left can easily be saved onto the machine’s RFID tag. The built-in camera allows the operator to add pictures to the alignment report for a more visual documentation.
ROTALIGN® touch also promises a more modern experience of alignment. The first capacitive glove-enabled touchscreen in the market makes alignment quickly become second nature: just tap, swipe and drag, just like a smartphone or tablet. When the job really gets hands-on, use voice control for hands free operation. The redesigned user interface with 3D animations and the wizard-like user guidance provide a fully transparent, visual and intuitive workflow.

With its strengthened glass screen and tough housing, Rotalign® touch is built for
industrial environments. Cornerstone of the new solution is the unique sensALIGN®
intelligent sensor technology delivering the industry leading precision that you’ve come to expect from Pruftechnik.

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