Revision of old K-tron dosing system

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Master Engineering bv, Heteren Holland, has recently modernised an old K-tron Loss-in-Weight feeder . By chancing the loadcells and the weigh processor with controller is Master able to revise such dosing systems in a very economical way.

Master has three Service Engineers, all with a lot of experience within this type of equipment, and they can provide service on Schenck, Raute, Master, Ramsey, Siemens Milltronics, K-tron and other type of weighing systems.

The delivery program of Master Engineering consists : belt scales, dosing belts, screw weigh systems, impact flow meters, bin weigh systems, batch systems, moisture measurement, flow meter pneumatic transport, flow-no-flow detection, metal detection and the Sick Maihak Volume measurement (Bulkscan)

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