RGGOK flexible cable transit

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Article image of: RGGOK flexible cable transit
Article image of: RGGOK flexible cable transit

MCT Brattberg has long been a leader when it comes to waterproof and flame-retardant cable transits for industry and offshore. For example, in addition to the fixed transit frames, such as RGB frames, there are also build-up frames for situations where the cables are already drawn, called RGGOK.

The RGGOK-frame is intended for use in existing situations. In essence, it is a frame structure that seals off an existing hole in a wall or floor. Often there are situations in which cables are already drawn that must not or can not be removed, while at the same time there has been a transit point, which is not sufficiently water resistant or fire retardant. Also in cases where cables must be added to a transit point, de RGGOK is a very suitable option. Due to the flexible nature of the MCT Brattberg transits can always create a quality, waterproof and fire-retardant transit that meets the highest demands.

The RGGOK frame is 120mm wide and is available in four height units: 100mm in increments of 60mm up to 280mm internal height. In addition, multiple windows options are available, in which expansion is possible in the horizontal direction.
Thanks to the notches in the frame, the seal is entirely in the RGGOK and it is not necessary to cut off a piece of the wall. The risk of errors during assembly is therefore substantially reduced.

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