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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Group Verhelst combines expert knowledge under one roof: Carcass, Finishing, Contracting, Construction equipment, Transport, Port industry and Recycling. Since 2010, Verhelst has been working with RealDolmen”s maintenance software: Rimses. An informed choice that they have not regretted for a second. They use a lot of the provided functionalities and even the service component. Verhelst was the first company to make the switch to the brand new Rimses6, fully developed in Microsoft.NET technology. It is safe to say that the transition to Rimses6 went off without a hitch. At the moment, they are already enjoying the new possibilities and user interface of Rimses6. The application has become even more user friendly than the previous versions thanks to the possibility to customize the windows to the user”s needs. Group Verhelst and Realdolmen share some of the same qualities. They both meet their customers” expectations. In the next few weeks, more customers are expected to go live with Rimses6.

With Rimses6, RealDolmen continues to build on the success of Rimses, which has been an established name on the market for 27 years. This user-friendly application now offers elaborate checklist functionalities as well. During inspections, certain values can easily be recorded. The system will then immediately show whether or not there is a deviation compared to the default values. It goes without saying that these default values can be set beforehand. It is even possible to have the system create a work order automatically when a certain threshold is exceeded.

This checklist can be printed out or accessed through a mobile device. Rimses recommends a rugged device that can withstand some abuse. This device provides the maintenance workers with numerous functions. For example, a work order history can be consulted or important safety measures can be checked before starting the job. The device also has a scanner, which can definitely be useful when registering consumptions. An integrated camera makes it possible to record a certain situation. The recordings can then be linked to the work order. Even when no data connection is available, there is a solution. The device can be used in offline mode. As soon as a data connection is available, a synchronization takes place. This ensures no crucial information gets lost.

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