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Last modified: 9 May 2023

October 2010 – iBanx introduces Unite™, the software suite that integrates software modules for the five most important Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) processes (Safe working, Isolation, Incident Management, Production Information Handover, Management of Change) in the industrie. This makes iBanx the first in Europa to contribute to safety in the industry with an integrated HSE software system.

Unite, the HSE power suite, simplifies directing human activities. An aligned set of applications restricts the administrative burden to a minimum for everyone involved. Besides, users have greater insight into the status of the installation, the deviations and events that relate to it.

The HSE information that is provided supports management and workforce in making of decisions, management of risks and achievement of production targets.

Unite, the HSE power suite, contains a wealth of operational knowledge and best practices that have been developed in cooperation with clients. On a daily basis, people in over 100 factories are relying on Unite to carry out their operational processes as efficiently as possible, resulting in the least possible damage to humans, nature and the environment.

The integration of these five modules in an integrated suite results in the following benefits:
·Intelligent dashboards provide an overview of the various processes: risks and bottlenecks can be identified more quickly and easily.
·Data from different modules can be combined to facilitate smart analyses and better informed decisions.
·Data only needs to be entered once. This greatly reduces the number of administrative operations required.
·Each module has the same look & feel: if you are used to working with one module you will also understand the others.
·The system’s modular design and functional features facilitate step-by-step input.

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