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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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You want to save energy and costs? Then why not on your cooling towers? Almeco launches out on the Direct Drive RPM-AC-Motor, an energy efficient motor especially designed for use in wet and dry cooling towers. Maintenance on the motor is limited to annual greasing of bearings. Moreover, this motor is less noisy and more compact than traditional induction motors.

The maximum speed of revolution of the RPM-AC-Motor is the exact velocity at which the fan should run at full speed. Therefore, the motor is designed to drop directly into the existing gearbox mounting patterns. This direct drive of axial fans replaces the traditional belt or mechanical drives and prevents breakage risk. Even at low speed, there is no loss of efficiency.

The technical and chemical maintenance of your cooling tower seems simple. But usually it’s comparatively inexpensive and more sensible to be performed by experienced workforce who got the right training. With Almeco, you rely on more than 30 years of experience in safe cooling tower maintenance, whatever the brand or type of cooling tower. We also provide high quality spare parts that meet the ”Best Available Technology” and the severe legionella legislation.

Almeco is VCA** certified. Working safely is in our genes.

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