S&G and partners becomes S&G Asset Management

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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An investors team this month announced to have completely taken over the Dutch pioneer on the area of Asset Management. In the mentioned team the German company Signion (www.signion.de) participates amongst three private parties. S&G keeps operating completely independently using the company name S&G Asset Management.
During the last years S&G has conquered a leading position in the European market with the LCC-product line. Now, by integrating the most important business associates into the ownership structure, the market position of this company can be further enforced and expanded.
Simultaneously to the purchase of S&G by the investment team the – already founded in the year 2008 – co-operation between S&G and will be continued and consolidated. In the future the in Brussels established KPMG Asset Management Competence Center will globally be using the LCC software to support the implementation of Asset Management within business practices.
Signion – that was founded in the year 2002 – has managed to become the leading provider of Asset Management solutions for the German energy branch. This purchase will also give Signion the opportunity to expand their position in the growing market of strategic and operational Asset Management.
In the future S&G will pursue consequently the further development and implementation of the LCC-software all over the world. Of course this is without any doubt favorable for all customers, who will benefit as well from the business expertise of KPMG as the technical knowhow of the combination Signion / S&G.
S&G will continue to be an independent company and all employees will remain in service and the company location will continue to be Nijmegen. Signion will remain responsible for the contacts within the German language area.

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