SMC launches a new chapter in innovation

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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SMC, the world’s leading provider of pneumatics, has unveiled its 2014 Innovations Catalogue listing the very latest in cutting edge automation solutions.

Recognised for the last three years by leading business magazine Forbes as one of the world’s most innovative, SMC’s continuous focus on innovation sees the company launch around 40 new products to the European market every year, with 11,000 basic products and more than 620,000 variations.

Innovative design is coupled with outstanding customer support delivered by a team of 1,400 dedicated R&D engineers.

SMC’s Patrick Boerdijk said: “Innovation and product development has been at the heart of our business since our foundation 53 years ago. We recognise that only by investing in R&D can we fulfil our commitment to work in partnership with our customers to improve their processes, cut their energy waste bills and ultimately increase profitability.

“Our Innovation Catalogue last year was so well received we have updated this handy reference tool in five European languages, so our customers can access details of our key product launches over the last 12 months.”

The Innovations Catalogue is available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and English. It provides machine builders and designers with over 100 pages of product solutions for many advanced automation applications.

The products featured include the new SY all-purpose flexible and cost effective solenoid valve, the LFE electromagnetic digital flow switch with a unique 3-colour / 2-screen display for constant visualisation of the switch condition, or the powerful LEJ electric actuator, designed to manage large loads with precision. All products within SMC’s Innovation Catalogue have a QR code, so that product information is easy to access, whilst on the move, from smartphones and tablets.

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