SMC slides in new addition to its electric actuator range

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
Article image of: SMC slides in new addition to its electric actuator range

For many manufacturers lack of space is a real issue, so the world’s leading expert in pneumatics, SMC, has introduced a Low Profile Electric Actuator with Guide Rod Slider to its expanding e-actuator range.

Designed to be compact, with a low profile and simple flat body construction, the LEL series achieves more than a 50% reduction in height by side mounting the motor and using a guide rod, which doesn’t interfere with the motor regardless of the workpiece’s size and length.

One of the key features of SMC’s guided rod electric actuator with a slide bearing guide is its significant reduction in noise levels at 60dB(A). It also offers customers cost savings, with a top operating speed of 500mm/s and can suit various applications up to 3kg in weight.

For moment loads SMC has developed a sister model, the ball bushing bearing. Ideal for high speed transport operations with less guide clearance, the ball bushing bearing has the capacity to operate at 1000mm/s.

Suitable for general industrial machinery, with pick and place as well as transfer applications, both products enjoy positioning repeatability of ±0.1mm as standard and up to 64 positioning points. They have the design function to mount auto-switches, allowing easy access to check the limit and intermediate signals.

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