SMC Unlocks the performance of it`s speed controller

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
Article image of: SMC Unlocks the performance of it`s speed controller

SMC, the world’s leading pneumatics provider, has unlocked the performance of its AS Series speed controller with one touch fitting by giving it an upgrade.

The latest AS Series has many enhanced features that support SMC’s focus to improve the performance and functionality of its products, as well as to develop innovations that deliver competitive advantages for its customers.

Now easier to lock and unlock thanks to its push-lock mechanism, the AS Series is simpler to adjust thanks to a larger handle, both of which reduce overall labour time.

Other labour saving features have been achieved by simplifying the maintenance and assembly of the AS Series by reducing the force required to insert and remove the tubes (up to 30% less for insertion and up to 20% less for removal) and by placing the tube connection in a higher position.

Other modifications to the AS Series include the introduction of colour product identification, which minimises the risk of errors. Improved design flexibility is also a feature of the new AS series with a broader portfolio of tube connections from Ø2 to Ø16mm. A reduction in height gives additional space savings, with PBT thermoplastic and electroless nickel plated body materials offering high resistance to corrosion and an attractive finish.

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