SMC”s New ITVX electro-pneumatic regulator performs under pressure

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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SMC, the world’s leading pneumatics provider, has hit the target with its new ITVX electro-pneumatic regulator which responds to demands from the growth in laser beam machining.
This trend has had a direct impact on the need for pressure control equipment that can assist gases by managing high pressure processes, such as oxy-fuel welding or cutting.
Complementing SMC`s existing ITV Series, the ITVX has been specially designed to perform under these high pressure conditions and work with various gases other than air, such as Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. It is able to control supply pressures reaching 5.0MPa and a set pressure range up to 3.0MPa.
Although the ITVX can handle high pressure it also operates extremely efficiently consuming no more than 3W. It’s compact and lightweight too, at just 119mm high and 62mm across, weighing in at just 570g (without cables and brackets).
SMC has a full range of ITV electro-pneumatic pressure regulators, which are largely used in applications that control air pressure in proportion to electric signals.

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