SOS-kit (Solinas Oilsample Set)

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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A good and reliable sample to take your oil, lubricating oil, we have the SOS kit composed It gives you the right tools and a complete guide to an oil sample in the right way to take. The Solinas Oil Sample Set includes a suitcase filled with:
6 oil sample bottles
6 sample bottles of shipping containers
A vacuum pump
3 meters tubing
A pair of gloves
6 registration forms
6 stickers
1 Manual

When an oil sample, you can sample bottle with a sticker and send it to us using the shipping carton and the registration form. A standard oil research covers both ISO, viscocity, TAN value, PQ index, water content, purity and chemical-analysis and some wear items.

The oil sample is analyzed by a specialized laboratory. If the oil sample report is known we will contact you directly to discuss the results and provide you with advice.

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