T Service celebrates 7.5 years of expertise

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Since 7.5 years Dutch temperature expert T Service offers products for temperature registration. These 7.5 years of expertise need to be celebrated, says Coen Boonen, general manager of T Service.

“I would have loved to invite every single customer for a party to celebrate this memorable moment with us.” He realises that this would be impossible considering the fact that customers are spread throughout Europe.

For this reason T Service chose to temporarily change the meaning of the letter T in the company name. This letter usually stands for temperature, but during the next two weeks it will also stand for treat, as well as for tier. Every day a selection of products will be offered with the highest tiered discounts available, regardless of the quantity ordered. This selection of products can be checked and ordered at www.tservice.nl.

The letter T in the company name Service stands for temperature for a good reason. Boonen comments: “If temperature monitoring needs to be reliable every step of the way, we can help with advice and with a range of products suitable for this purposes such as meeting HACCP and BRC standards.” The product range includes temperature loggers and thermometers, but we also provide infrared inspections of conditioned storage facilities and temperature mapping of production facilities and warehouses.

Boonen: “Listen first, provide advice later. Real solutions for a very reasonable price. That is how we work. This approach seems to appeal to maintenance specialists, as we are welcoming more customers from that industry every month.”

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