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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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As a result of demands from the industry, LogTag developed its TRID30-7: a temperature logger with an easily readable display, which shows temperatures and alarms over the past 30 days.

Users are now able to see and judge all temperature data upon arrival of the goods without a computer or reader. The logger is also suitable for use in locations that require continuous temperature monitoring, but in which real time systems are less suitable from a financial point of view.

Details of any alarms can be checked directly on the display, or on a computer screen after downloading the data. The new LogTag TRID30-7 temperature logger includes data logging and storage of up to 7,770 temperature readings. The data on the computer screen shows the exact times of an employee’s response to an alarm.

The TRID30-7 includes a unique external temperature sensor within the logger’s housing. This design protects the sensor from damage while a fast response time and accurate readings are guaranteed. The logger can be configured not to process any readings while it is being handled. This prevents the logger from responding to body heat as its status is being reviewed or as an alarm is cleared.

The TRID30-7 is available in two battery options: one is equipped with a user replaceable battery (typical battery life 1 year) and with a fixed cell (typical battery life 2 to 3 years). Its hibernation mode can reduce the recorder’s power consumption nearly to zero and extend the battery life to almost the shelf life of the battery (typically 5 years).

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