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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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In addition to the solid shaft model, the new generation of DST high-torque motors in sizes 135 to 400 from Baumüller is now also available with a hollow shaft or with an integral thrust bearing across the range. The various models of DST motors ensure more room for manoeuvre in design and enable the optimum integration of the motor in the machine design.
When liquid plastic is being pressed out of an extruder head during plasticisation, there are huge compressive forces acting on the extruder head in the direction of the motor shaft. Thrust bearings absorb these forces in order to compensate for the axial bearing loads and protect the machine unit to which it is connected. Baumüller now offers an integral thrust bearing as an option for the latest generation of its compact DST high-torque motors in the sizes 135, 200, 260, 315 and 400. This enables compressive forces of up to 800 kilonewtons to be withstood. The advantages of incorporating the bearing in the motor are, on the one hand, that the machine manufacturer is spared the cost and work involved in installation and, on the other, that this design is beneficial in terms of space requirements in the machine because less space is needed when the bearing is an integral part of the motor. Furthermore, this design simplifies retooling and disassembly of the machine during maintenance work. If a pierced shaft is used, the operator can employ a spindle to push the extruder screw forwards. In addition to the solid shaft model and an optional integral thrust bearing, all sizes of the DST motors are available with a hollow shaft. Other components can be contained insider the hollow shaft, such as a ball bearing spindle which permits a more compact machine design. Furthermore, the cooling water for a shaft or other media can be routed through it.
Baumüller’s high-torque motors are multi-pole, permanently excited synchronous motors with a torque range of up to 32,000 newton-metres.

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