The new F12 generation

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Article image of: The new F12 generation
Article image of: The new F12 generation

Parker’s new compact F12 high efficient motor series offers higher power-to-weight ratio in less space

Compact and easy to install.
The new generation F12-152, F12-162 and F12-182 has a smaller envelope size and lower weight than our competitors can offer. Parker’s new motors are rated up to 480 bar, available in SAE D and two ISO versions and can offer many flexible porting options to allow tailor made solutions for most applications and customer demands. In comparison to its successful predecessor, this series reduces noise level by 6-10 dB.

Save fuel
The patented spherical piston concept gives high speed, high acceleration capability and unbeatable efficiency. The unbeatable efficiency means less power losses and that less heat is generated. Our customers will benefit from reduced cooling demands and savings on both fuel and weight. More available power is transferred to productive work and less power is wasted which reduce greenhouse gases and particles making it possible to meet future emission regulations.

The end user can lower the fuel consumption significantly by using the new generation F12, in comparison to competitors. Test shows 9.4 kW less power losses which equates to 2300 liter diesel savings annually*

Outstanding life cycle cost
The high efficient bent axis design with unique spherical piston concept, well proven gear synchronization, strong cylinder barrel, double tapered bearing and optimized valve plate concept gives a very robust and reliable motor in demanding applications. Combined with our well proven track record of durable motors, we have an outstanding uptime.

* Comparison with a competitor unit in a typical application, based on 2500 rpm at 300 bar and 1000 hours operation. Parker’s new compact F12 high efficient motor series offers higher power-to-weight ratio in less space

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