The new F3 Hydraulic Truck Pump

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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The F3-pump is developed to be installed into the engine PTO and to be used on application when the driver needs to have access to hydraulic power in combination to maneuvering the Truck.

The unique design make it possible to engage the pump without turning of the engine! When the job is ready the hydraulic pump will be 100% disconnected from the engine! The features that the new F3 pumps offer are easy to apply on Hook Loaders, Skip loaders and Tippers just to mention a few examples.

Outstanding performance and reliability
The new F3 offers extreme performance, delivering up to 185 l/min at up to 400 bar combined with outstanding reliability thanks to Parker’s decades of experience from the most demanding truck applications.

Increased productivity and efficiency
When a pump is fitted to an engine PTO even small mishaps like a ruptured hose can result in having to be rescued and towed to a workshop, with all its downsides by way of major expenditures and high downtime costs. With the new F3, you just disconnect the pump and make your way home using your own engine.

High efficiency and a long, trouble-free service life – a profitable investment
Fuel saving: 0, 6 percent doesn’t sound too much, but for the average truck it can amount to between 200 and 300 liters (45-65 gallons) less diesel in a year, resulting in a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and particles all thanks to the F3 pump being completely disconnected when not in use.

Reduced Noise levels!
Compared to a conventional hydraulic pump in the unloaded position the new F3 generates considerably less noise levels in disconnected mode. (Compared with when the hydraulic pump is in bypass mode). The driver is free to engage the pump as he approach the work site without turning the engine off.

Compact and easy to install
The unique design with built in mechanical coupling make the F3-pump extremely light and compact making the pump easy to install on the most common Truck engines.

Emergency stop
If the hydraulic system is equipped with an emergency stop when the hydraulic pump is installed into the engine PTO, the mechanical coupling which is built into the new F3 can make it possible to disconnect the hydraulic pump from the source of power. (Diesel-engine)

The new F3 pump are available in two sizes, F3-081 and F3-101, for more information please visit our landingpage:

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