TRICO Spectrum Oil Containers

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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TRICO Spectrum Oil Containers offer users an excellent way to keep lubricants free from dust, dirt, water and other machine-damaging contaminants. They play an important role in the lubrication supply chain, especially between bulk containers and top-off points, which industry experts indicate to be the most common source of contamination. The Spectrum Oil Containers promote a fully integrated visual lubrication management system that improves productivity and efficiency. The system enables operators to identify lubricants, while ensuring accurate and consistent delivery.

The Spectrum Oil Container lids are available in 10 colors. In addition, a secondary color option is available with the Breather Vent. Secondary colors can be used when there are more than 10 different lubricant types within the plant to identify. Other usages for secondary colors are to indicate viscosity grade, lubrication frequency, or base oil type.

What are the advantages:
– Ergonomic handles contain outlines for the fingers which results in a comfortable and secure grip.
– The ergonomic handles are positioned so that the weight on the forearm rest.
– The compact size takes less storage space in.
– The rectangular design provides stability when using the hand pump.
– Up to 100 colour combinations possible.
– Available in the following volumes: 8, 11, and 15 litres.

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