TTT and fire department discuss fire detection

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Four red fire-engines turned the parking place of TTT red at Thursday, May 31st. Please, don’t panic: the fire department was not called to extinguish a fire. The delegation had a company trip that started with a visit to Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT). For TTT, this was the moment to discuss the differences of installation and maintenance between marine and construction and utility.

Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT) delivers exclusive products for, among others, marine and offshore industries. However, some of the product groups are suitable for other industries and the onshore as well. For example the fire detection systems of Eltek (Honeywell) and the fire retardant cable and pipe transits of MCT Brattberg. TTT is more and more in place in that market, especially concerning MCT Brattberg.

The first part of the company visit, TTT presented the own company, the transit systems of MCT Brattberg and the fire detection systems of Eltek. Especially when talking about this last product group, the differences between marine and construction were discussed. For the fire department, the marine is an unknown sector.

One of the great differences that is debated, is the periodical maintenance that is obliged in the onshore. Due to the strict regulations, for this obligated aspect, annual maintenance contracts are made. In the shipping industry, that kind of contracts are made rarely and maintenance is boarded out locally. TTT expects to be able to help the construction and utility industries concerning the maintenance of Eltek fire detection systems. TTT, as importer of Eltek, has knowledge of both existing systems and the newest technological developments of this manufacturer. This can be used when repair, expansion or upgrading of a system is desired.

Furthermore, TTT gained insight thanks to the fire department. For example, the visitors could tell TTT about the many times they tear out for false alarm, for instance because of a false report of the detector or because of the lack of knowledge of the system and the control panel by the fire panel.

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