Ultraprobe 15.000IS Kit by UE Systems

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With the 15.000IS you can inspect almost everything, anywhere.

Combining the versatility of the Ultraprobe 15.000 Touch and the ability to inspect in hazardous areas with the Ultraprobe 9000ATEX, the 15.000IS Kit is the most comprehensive product in the market for ultrasonic inspection. It is the perfect solution to start an Ultrasound program which needs to reach hazardous areas as well.

With the 15.000IS kit it’s possible to divide routes into required and non-required EX rated inspection zones. Use the Ultraprobe 9000ATEX as a screening tool to test the hazardous areas and the Ultraprobe 15.000 for the rest of the plant.


Leak Detection (compressed air, gases, vacuum, etc…); Steam Traps & Valves Inspection; Bearings Inspection and Lubrication; Electrical Inspection.

The Ultraprobe® 15.000 Plus IS Package includes:

• Ultraprobe 15.000 Touch Digital Unit

This advanced ultrasonic instrument can perform on-board spectral analysis, record the sounds of test equipment, measure and record temperature, take photographs with flash, store and manage data. The Ultraprobe 15.000 utilizes touch screen technology. This unique feature uses Icons to easily control and maneuver around any of the Ultraprobe’s display screens. Touching the screen allows you to be able to view decibel level, temperature, control sensitivity, change frequency, view an FFT and record sounds and images.

• Ultraprobe 9000 ATEX Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System

The Ultraprobe 9000 housing with a digital LCD Display and an LED backlight. FM Rated Intrinsically Safe: Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D.

Accessories included:

• Tri-Sonic Scanning Module for locating airborne ultrasound (ATEX Rated)
• Rubber Focusing Probe for narrowing reception field & for shielding ambient ultrasounds
• LRM Long Range Module to increase detection range
• Stethoscope Module (contact type) for monitoring internally generated ultrasounds (ATEX Rated)
• 2 Battery Rechargers with Spare Battery & External Recharging POD for the Ultraprobe 15.000
• Extension Probe Kit to increase stethoscope contact range to 31 inches
• Warble Tone Generator
• RAS-MT Magnetic Sensor with BNC connection readable with the Ram Module
• RAM Adaptor enabling the Ultraprobe 15.000 to read RAS sensors
• Deluxe Noise Isolating Headset for use with hardhat
• SD Card to USB Reader (allows reading of SD to PC via USB port)
• Zero Halliburton Case
• Spectralyzer Sound Analysis Software / Ultratrend Data Management Software

For more information on the Ultraprobe 15.000IS Kit, please contact UE Systems.

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