Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter

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Article image of: Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter
Article image of: Ultrasonic clamp-on Flowmeter

The BFU-100F is a fixed Ultrasonic Flow Meter for continuous measurement of volumetric flow.

Ultrasonic flow meters are now widely used in the industrial and building sectors for monitoring water systems, chemical output and energy efficiency monitoring. Their simplicity and reliability has seen their widespread adoption throughout the world as an accurate and reliable method of quantifying liquid flow measurement. These flow meters can be used on virtually any pipe size or material, are non-invasive and therefore not prone to the levels of deterioration that are seen by intrusive flow meters.

– Accuracy: «1% of reading above 0.6ft/sec / 0.2 m/sec
– Repeatability: 0.2% fixed installation
– Pipe Size: 25 – 6000mm (dependant on transducers chosen)
– Operating Temperature: Transducers -40°C to +160°C
– Instrument: -10°C to 70°C External Environment
– Datal-logging: The totaliser data from the last 64 days / 64 months / 5 years
– Output: 1x 4-20mA and 1x Relay 1x Pulse OCT
– Power: 24V DC or 85-260 V AC
– Dimensions: 210 x 251 x 96 mm
– Weight (Control Unit): 6.6lbs (3kg)
– Channels: Option to measure two flows with single transmitter
– Explosion proof version available

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