Upgrade of Bekomat® for increased Serviceability

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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In the field of condensate technology, the upgrade of the Bekomat® 3 series now means improved serviceability.

The upgrade version of the Bekomat® 31/32/33 series has a service indicator which informs you of upcoming maintenance in a timely manner. The employment of a multi-voltage power unit for the energy supply from 85 to 265 VAC, at 50-60 Hz, reduces the variants. With the higher protection class IP67, the condensate drains are not only reliably protected against the admission of dust, they are also sealed to such an extent that temporary sumersion in water will not damage them. therefore they are an ideal solution for the most severe ambient conditions.

What the devices of the entire series have in common is the innovatie basic concept, providing for extremely easy maintenance. All components are coupled by convenient quick connectors. Like their predecessors, the upgrade versions of Bekomat® 31 and 32 consist of two components: the service unit, where all maintenance components are integrated into the corrosion-resistant housing, and the control unit, which needs to be installed only once. Bekomat® 33 features a third component, the stationary condensate receiver tank. This construction allows for the absolutely simple exchange of all parts relative to maintenance. The condensate receiver tank remains installed in the compressed-air system. The control unit and service unit can be easily uncoupled for the fast replacement of the service unit certified by the manufacturer.

The ready-for-use service unit, already pressure and function tested by the manufacturer, requires no further electrical installation or the installation of seals and single components whilst being mounted. With this plug-and-play principle, maximum cost-effectiveness in a minimum of time is achieved for the maintenance.

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