Walney Offshore Windfarm project chooses Holmatro

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Last modified: 9 May 2023
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Located approximately 15 km off Walney Island, off the west coast of the United Kingdom, the Walney project will be constructed in two phases in 2010 and 2011. Each phase consists of 51 turbines with a total capacity of 367MW. Once completed, the Walney windfarm will provide approximately 320,000 homes with clean electricity. The project makes a considerable contribution to the domestic UK target of reducing CO2 emissions and it is one of the biggest offshore windfarms in the world.

DONG Energy, leading partner in the construction and operational phases of the Walney project, uses Holmatro’s aluminium hydraulic cylinders for levelling the foundations of the turbines. So-called transition pieces (TP’s) are mounted on top of monopiles driven into the seabed, together forming the foundations. The structure is then fixed with a glue-like concrete called ‘grout’ after which the foundation is completed. Each TP is 24 metres tall and weighs approximately 300 tons. In order to level one TP, 6 hydraulic cylinders, each with a capacity of 75 tons are needed. Holmatro’s lightweight aluminium cylinders are easy to handle and corrosion resistant which makes them suitable for offshore use.

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