Yet another step in completion OV SAAL

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Article image of: Yet another step in completion OV SAAL
Article image of: Yet another step in completion OV SAAL

Recently a new phase was completed in the so-called Ov saal project, a public transport project focused on the rail connection between Schiphol and Lelystad. The recent project completed within Ov saal was the newbuilding of the substation Pampuspad in Almere, which replaces the former switching station on this location. The capacity expansion and modernization of the railway track connection the national airport to the Flevopolder is clearly needed today.

More and more people take the train between Schiphol and Lelystad. If the track is not adjusted accordingly, hefty traffic jams could start to occur here, just as on the nearby highways.

The government has asked ProRail to build a modern ’rail highway’, actually a railway between Schiphol and Lelystad, that allows for an increase of train mobility. Amsterdam is getting busier, and also the development of the South Axis leads to more visitors. At the same time rail traffic to and from the North via the Hanze line is growing and Almere itself is enlarged with another 60,000 new houses. It is a challenge to complete all rail tracks around Almere and Lelystad and especially in and around busy Amsterdam and to make the track ready for the future. To this end, the project Ov saal was launched: Public Transport Schiphol – Amsterdam – Almere – Lelystad.

Increasing the capacity of the track is not always lay a matter of installing extra meters of track. Often there is not even enough space for it. However, the rail network is adjusted and modernized, in such way that more trains per hour can run over the existing tracks.
The new substation Pampuspad, part of Ov saal was commissioned by ProRail, while Movares was responsible for the design. The installation was performed by Strukton Systems Signalling & Supply. Strukton chose the watertight cable transits of MCT Brattberg, to ensure a safe and tight sealing of all cables.

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