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NMF Techniek
 Woortmansdijk 30
NL-9608 TB   Westerbroek
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Company profile

NMF Techniek BV was founded in 1988 and its main business is the supply of solutions for issues on rotating and static sealing, swivel joints and rotary joints. With over 25 years of experience NMF is capable to supply the best possible solution, usually resulting in a reduction of cost-of-ownership and downtime. Custom made solutions are our daily job!

Efficiency in seal systems and swivel joints.

Many products can be supplied with certificates like EC1935:2004; FDA compliance, TA-Luft, Fire-Safe, BAM, EN10204, etc.

In the last years NMF Techniek BV has become more and more a partner to its customers regarding the implementation of its products.

NMF Techniek BV can be characterized by:

high technical knowledge of its products
thorough advice for use of its products and solutions in customer-specific situations
fast, accurate response to questions of its customers
high level of quality of the products and the organisation

Products, in categories

Products, equipment - Valves
Products, equipment - Flanges, fittings
Products, equipment - Filters

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Gaskets, specialexternal link Spring energised seal systems, TA-Luft-BAM-Fire Safe, Camprofile 3rd generation, Carrier and KNS Seal, Ring Joint RTJ/RJ
Seals, Rotating, Dynamicexternal link Lipseals in 14 elastomers, Simply Cassettes, Mechanical Seals and Cassettes
Swivel jointexternal link Swivel Joints 1/8”-60”, Multi Canal Swivel 2 to 35 canals, Steam head, Rotary Joint, Mono or Duo Flow


Brand   Description
Iga-tec Swivel joints, Swivel joint systems, Floating suctions, Loading arm systems, Multi canal swivel joints
Köthener Spezialdichtunge Spring energised seal systems for high pressure and high temperature for heat exchangers, man-holes and valves
Duff-Norton (Gautier) Swivel joints, Rotary joints, Multi canal swivel joints

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