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Expandable airshafts

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Expandable airshafts from OpenSupply

Expandable airshafts

Expandable airshafts

The expandable airshafts from OpenSupply were developed to guarantee the best performance, safety and user-friendliness. The expandable airshafts match an optimum performance to a perfect user-friendliness.

The airshafts were designed to combine safety and performance. For instance, the airshafts are very suitable for the paper, plastics and textile industry. OpenSupply can supply airshafts of 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 35 inch (900 mm) in diameter, and up to a length of 9 meters!

- The airshafts are available with lugs or continuous fillets
- In the materials Carbon, Steel, Aluminium or reinforced Aluminium

Thanks to the special design, the airshafts guarantee a top performance!

In short, the MBC airshafts by OpenSupply combine safety, ease, speed and optimum performance. They are customised according to your requirements, using the materials of your choosing:

- With diameters between 1 and 35 inch (2.5 cm to 900 mm)
- And with a length of up to 9 meters!

That makes OpenSupply’s airshafts perfect for small as well as large applications. The main benefits of OpenSupply’s airshafts:

- They were designed specifically with optimum safety in mind
- They were designed for easy maintenance
- They are easy to attach and remove
- They are available in different versions and materials
- The airshafts are patented and made from the best materials.

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